When Purple launched its new Restore line, the goal was, well, restorative sleep—the most restorative sleep of your life. It’s done that better than any brand with a combination of coils, foam, and its proprietary gel grid.

As with all the hybrid models on this list, the coils at the bottom give you support and save you from insane back pain. Purple’s foam is pretty standard—cradling enough to relieve your pressure points. The real star here is, surprise, the Purple grid. If you’re not a mattress obsessive like me, click into the Purple website and look around. You’ll see that lavender rubber grid everywhere, and for good reason.

Purple’s grid doesn’t do a whole lot, but that’s why it’s great. Its porous design makes it great for cooling, and it also makes it insanely squishy. It’s really something you have to try to understand. When you lie down on this bed, you feel that rubber topper, like every little component of it. At first, it’s a bit of a novelty—fun to squish around on. But, on your first night of sleep, you realize it’s the best thing to ever happen to mattresses.

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