Whenever celebrity nail technician Harriet Westmoreland posts a new manicure on Instagram, we take note. Her latest design? Fombré nails, which combine two of the most popular nail trends of 2024 to date: the French manicure and ombré.

“I’ve always loved an ombré manicure, but sometimes the more traditional style isn’t popular with my clients, so I created a more subtle, flattering version: fombré nails,” Westmoreland says. “I’ve taken the best bits of both manicures and paired them together.”

The hybrid manicure is ultraflattering, Westmoreland says. “It’s so glowing and glossy. Because of the blend of colors it catches the light, giving off this super-gloss reflection, which is what my clients love.”

She thinks the fombré will be huge this summer because it makes use of color while still being subtle and sheer, allowing you to still see through to the natural nail bed. “It really is a manicure that shows your nails, but better.”


Which shades should you choose for a fombré? Westmoreland points to milky whites, peaches, and pinks, but adds, “Remember to keep them sheer!” The nail artist likes to use builder gel from The Gel Bottle, as it makes application easier and the results more aesthetically pleasing—her go-to shades are Bella, BIAB 17, and Cutie BIAB.

The look works on all nail lengths and shapes, but Westmoreland’s preference is for a fombré manicure painted onto medium length, square nails. She knew it would be a hit the moment she posted her photos, she says. “I’ve never had such a big response on socials to a manicure, ever!”

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