She then wore another iconic look at her nephew Daniel ‘Julez’ Smith Jr.’s runway show for New York Fashion Week. Bey donned a monotone silver blazer, sparkling in jewels, and the El Patron 48 Premier 30X Cowboy Hat in gray.

Beyoncé’s had a quiet love affair with country music for some time. Back in 2016, she shared her first foray into the genre with the Lemonade album cut, “Daddy Lessons,” which was a blend of R&B, brass band, gospel, and country. Later that year, The Chicks invited her to perform the song at the 2016 Country Music Awards.

But cowboy culture isn’t new to the Knowles. Earlier this week, Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles revealed that it’s part of their roots.

“We have always celebrated Cowboy Culture growing up in Texas,” she wrote on Instagram. “We also always understood that it was not just about it belonging to White culture only. In Texas, there is a huge Black cowboy culture. Why do you think that my kids have integrated it into their fashion and art since the beginning?

“When people ask, ‘Why is Beyoncé wearing cowboy hats?’ It’s really funny, I actually laugh because it’s been there since she was a kid, we went to rodeos every year and my whole family dressed in western fashion. Solange did a whole brilliant album and project based on Black cowboy culture. It definitely was a part of our culture growing up.”

Renaissance II is slated for release on March 29.

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