We’ve never hidden the fact that we’re home freaks. We love testing mattresses and sofas and telling you how to furnish a home. And, we love awarding our favorite home products. So, it should be of no surprise that we’re equally freakish about keeping our homes clean. Here at Esquire, we buy all the weird home cleaning tech—from robot vacuums to air purifiers. But, you know what’s better than all of it? A Dyson vacuum. It’s the one thing we’ll scream for eternity. So, when we find a deal this good, well… we have to tell you about it.

Dyson Dyson V11 Plus

Dyson V11 Plus

Dyson Dyson V11 Plus

Now 35% Off

We’ve done full rundowns of the Dyson lineup, so we know what we’re talking about here. If you read that big, long story, you’ll learn that the Dyson V10 is the best bang for your buck model in the lineup. This V11 is a huge improvement on that V10, but since the V11 is 35 percent off, you can get it for the price of the other one. This vacuum is upgraded with more suction power and an LCD screen that shows you power, battery, and maintenance needs. For most people, this is all the vacuum you need. It can handle kids. It can handle pets. It’ll last you a decade at least, and unless you’re a real clean freak or tech lover, there’s no reason to look beyond this deal. For under $500, it’s probably the best Dyson vacuum deal we’ll see all year.

All that said, if you’re in the market for something more serious and have been looking at Dyson’s for a while, there’s another sale on the flagship model. We wrote about the Gen5 Detect, the most advanced Dyson vacuum to date, is worth it. Now it’s 22 percent off, which is also a rarity for the newest model on the market. We’d said it’s a valid investment at its over $900 retail price, but at $740, it’s a must buy for anyone that’s been looking for a high powered vacuum. Basically, either one of these are a good deal depending on your price point and commitment to the latest tech. And hey, there’s no Prime Day gimmick about these deals, it’s just a fucking steal.

Dyson Gen5detect


Dyson Gen5detect

Now 22% Off

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