Does a $10,000 music console make your eyes water? Probably. I get that. But in the world of luxury smart audio, no one does it like Wrensilva, and the craftsmanship justifies the price.

The idea is that this is a full-service modern music console with vinyl, bluetooth, Sonos compatibility, and even an RCA connection. But, it’s got the luxury look and feel that you get from music consoles of old, with the highest-quality materials throughout.

It’s really the analog aspect that makes Wrensilva so groundbreaking. You can play your favorite records in their old-school analog. Then, with the flip of a switch, you can beam your records to your Sonos home system and listen wherever you are on your property. Or, you could flip one more time and stream music directly from your phone. All of it is backed by the brand’s industry-leading sound. This is the all-in-one home audio setup.

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