Your weekly horoscope is here. If you need a reason, it’s Gemini season! From Monday, the sun lights up the sign of the trickster-wordsmith-multihyphenate-maverick. With Venus (love) and Jupiter (luck) dashing into this breezy sign, note the shift in pace and energy. Communication, ideas, and movement all get a boost, so go social, mingle, and open up some lines of communication. This is a restless energy, look after your nervous system with quiet moments and warm, nutritious meals to bolster spring flux! With Thursday’s full moon in sagacious Sagittarius amplifying the urge to make tracks; ask questions, follow your curiosity, and collect as many connections as humanly possible—network, network, network!

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of May 19 through May 25, 2024.


Actively build your momentum around ideas, connections, and networking as three planets change signs into fast-paced Gemini this week. This period works very well for you, so don’t get bogged down in procedures. Instead, take action on them. Construct a framework (like a cannon), then launch yourself toward a very big goal. Of course, you need to know what that goal is first. Make it worthy enough to sustain your attention for the next year as Jupiter, the planet of luck and largess, picks up the pace, also in Gemini, from Sunday. Local connections, siblings, and learning are your sphere of influence. With a full moon on Thursday, balance with the big picture and international ideas. Maintain a positive state of mind and align with facts, not fantasy.

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Your solar season wraps on Monday as ideas and a comms-based value system take center stage. Lighting up your sphere of values and finance; consider your message. Perhaps this is a sign to “put your money where your mouth is”—i.e., do you really back what you believe in, in terms of your values? Would you put skin in the game? Connect with the right people and be prepared to change things up, make adjustments, and perhaps diversify your offerings, investments, or income streams. Thursday’s full moon reminds you to think big and consider adding value through connecting with a larger organization. Or is that an intimate adventure?! Venus shimmies in on Thursday, greasing the gears on spending or extra income. Jupiter backs it up on Sunday with luck and the urge to expand over the next year. Don’t overdo it—do see how far you can push it before you hit the barrier; you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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