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I thought I was too good for an online made-to-measure shirt. Truthfully, I turned my nose up at the idea a little bit. I know my neck and arm measurements, do I really need this? Can a made-to-measure (or “MTM”) shirting site make me something I actually love?

The answer, in short, is yes. The longer version is this: These days, the sheer number of MTM operations online can be downright overwhelming. It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of research, reading reviews until you’re paralyzed by choice. Even when you decide to go for it and focus on a single site, the process itself—measuring, choosing fabrics, tweaking details—can feel like a chore. And after all that, once you actually get the shirt, there’s a disappointingly large chance the fit and quality won’t be up to snuff, especially considering what you spent.

That’s where Stantt comes in. The brand is making made-to-measure shirts with all the touches a menswear nerd like myself wants, but it’s approachable for first-time custom shirt buyers. The finished product more than meets expectations. And the price is incredible. If you’re going to try just one MTM shirt, Stantt is, by my estimates, the best option out there.



It’s the easiest way.

The brand has devised a drag-and-drop system for building shirts that can be done online or in person. Like any online MTM brand, you need are a few data points to plug into the brand’s signature online size calculator. You give your height, weight, chest, neck, and sleeve length (or however many of those you know) and how you want your shirt to fit. Stantt then spits out one of its over 150 shirt sizes. That’s your “custom” fit. I’ve tried a handful of these online MTM brands, and none are as easy to work through as Stantt. I’m not exactly sure why, but that collection of 150-ish sizes and Stantt’s proprietary calculations make for the winning combo. There are enough models for any guy to get a perfect fit, but the selection is small enough, and Stantt’s math is good enough, to make the online process foolishly simple. Within five minutes you’ve got a shirt size that’s going to feel like it was made just for you.

For in-person fittings, Stantt is stocked in independent shops across the country and Nordstrom locations in major cities. A main street store where I grew up stocks Stantt shirts. I can walk in there, have a professional take a few simple measurements, and then get assigned one of Stantt’s fit. Once I have that, I can flip through fabrics, design choices, and customization to build my own unique shirt, as I would with a tailor, and get it shipped into the store.

Stantt doesn’t want to “disrupt” and replace those small-time tailors and specialty menswear stores, which is one of the best things about the brand. If you wish, you can keep buying shirts directly through your local spot. Regardless, once you get fitted for a shirt, it gets tied to your online profile, and you can order new or duplicate shirts online within seconds. It’s a modern solution that makes buying a custom shirt ridiculously simple. Plus, it’s great for young professionals who are moving cities or neighborhoods too often to spend years developing a relationship with one tailor. Think of Stantt as your on-call digital shirtmaker. Whenever you need another, your measurements are ready to go.

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Geek out on the details.

I turned to Stantt to make myself the perfect oxford. In the end, there were enough customization options to fit my menswear obsessiveness, but it was a straightforward process that any guy could walk through. My fitting happened at Stantt HQ, but the process would be the same at any location that stocks the brand.

I got my measurements taken and my first dummy shirt size came out. It fit perfectly. But for an oxford, I wanted it roomy. We had to Frankenstein a shirt size. I said keep the sleeve length, give me a lot more room in the chest, and add a tad more room in the waist. That shirt size wasn’t in stock, so I tried on two shirts to visualize the fit—one with my desired chest size, and one with the waist size. I went with it, and the finished product ended up fitting perfectly. Had it not, a free exchange would have been included.

Then, I got to designing the shirt. I wanted to skew classic, like an old Brooks Brothers oxford without all the pleating. I went for a university stripe oxford cloth in 100 percent cotton, a lovely fabric. For a collar, I chose a long button-down option, which isn’t shown on the website. You have to build a shirt in person or email the Stantt team for that collar, but it can be added to any shirt you want. Then, I sprung for mother of pearl buttons and a monogram on the left cuff. From start to finish, it took all of 15 minutes.

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The price point is tough to beat.

I’d expect that shirt, with a fabric that nice and all those custom touches, to easily run me over $200. Instead, it was about $170. Cheap? No. But it hits that mid-tier pricing that’s so tough to find in contemporary menswear. And even though you can find other online MTM operations offering shirts for less, you’ll likely have to take a hit when it comes to construction quality, fabric, fit—or all of the above.

That’s why I’d really recommend Stantt to any guy out there. If you want a run of white and light blue dress shirts to wear to your finance job, you can get fitted and order 10 in the same size. If you want to build a custom shirt to your exact specifications, you can do that. If you don’t know what you want but know you hate the way off the rack shirts fit you, Stantt’s got you covered, too. There are options for menswear nerds. There are options for regular guys. But no matter who you are, you know you’re getting a well-made shirt and a great fit with ease. And that’s a recipe for success.

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