CarPlay and Android Auto adapters don’t just let you listen to whatever you want in your car, they allow you to get the full smartphone experience while driving (and hopefully help you to not put anyone in danger doing so). Getting your apps, maps, and calls to all show up your car’s head unit can be life-changing. If you’re ready for that change, check these pointers before you get started.

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto: The choice between these two ultimately comes down to which phone you have. If you have an iPhone you can use CarPlay, and if you have any Android phone you can use Android Auto. In both cases, your vehicle also needs to support either CarPlay or Android Auto with a wired connection in order for these adapters to work properly.

Setup: Some adapters take more effort to set up than others. The Ottocast and Magic Link products we recommended, for example, are pretty much just plug-and-play devices. You simply need to plug them into the right port in your car’s head unit and connect via Bluetooth. Others are more complicated or require a phone app to work optimally.

Audio Quality: Not all adapters are made equal. Some have better audio streaming quality than others. The Carlinkit 5.0 adapter is a great pick if the crispness of sound is a top priority.

Vehicle Compatibility: With every single one of these, we recommend going to the manufacturer’s website first and checking the vehicle compatibility list. There are countless car, truck, and SUV models out there on the road and we have no idea which one you own. Most adapters work with most vehicles manufactured in the last 10 years, but a majority of one-star user reviews on these products are complaining about compatibility. Unfortunately, this is a bit of the legwork you’re going to have to do yourself

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