It’s also got to be a relief for the four guys because they can finally move on from some of the nastier comments they got when they found viral fame four years ago.

When they spoke with The Tab around the height of their viral fame, they admitted the comments online were “brutal.” Their faces were subsequently associated with a particular kind of British racism, which they obviously weren’t happy about. “The last thing you want your face associated with is racism,” said Phillips. Humpage, meanwhile, had to release a statement to make it clear memes about Churchill statues and George Floyd were “by no means our views.” He also worked on a drawing of Floyd around the same time

“They’re just trying to make us sound thick,” said Phillips. “It’s a lot to do with Love Island, in my opinion. People come across as quite stupid when they’re on there, and we have that kind of look.” He added that anyone who wanted to make fun of them for their choice of clothing could “crack the fuck on,” but anyone who associated them with racism should cut it out. “I think people aren’t naive enough to think we’re racist,” he said.

While some have praised the lads for taking ownership of their viral fame, others suggested the new photo is a great way to study fashion trends over the years. Perhaps skinny jeans, once and for all, have met their demise.

Check out a handful of reactions below.

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