After the grueling—and sometimes gross—testing process, we had them assign each pair of boxer briefs a score based on comfort, breathability, fit, quality, support, value, and, perhaps most importantly, overall style. We tallied up the scores, gathered the anecdotes, and came up with a list of what we believe to be the best boxer briefs for men right now. It’s all here, the household names, the up-and-comers, the commodity multipacks, the “your underwear costs how much?!”, and everything between. (Read more about GQ’s testing process here.)

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Your Boxer Brief FAQs, Answered

Are Boxer Briefs Good for Your Balls?

You’ve probably heard about the hubbub surrounding male fertility and underwear. So are boxer briefs bad for your precious bits? Researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health have observed lower sperm counts on average across those who wear tighter underwear (a.k.a. boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, etc.) versus those who wear loose-fitting underwear (boxer shorts). It all has to do with temperature. Naturally, your testicles function better at a lower temperature than the rest of your body which is why they hang away from you. Tighter underwear tends to lift the testicles closer to the body, causing them to be warmer than normal thereby slowing sperm production. But before you ditch your boxer briefs altogether, there’s an upside. Even though sperm counts were lower for boxer brief wearers, researchers noted that those sperm counts were still within the normal range for the average healthy guy and shouldn’t have an impact on fertility. That said, this matters more for those who already have a recorded low sperm count to begin with and want to have children.

What Makes a Good Pair of Boxer Briefs?

Not all boxer briefs are created equal and when you’re dealing with such sensitive matters, what you want is a pair that comes with poise, grace, softness, and zero chafing. The best boxer briefs are silky smooth to the touch and won’t pill. They’ll also stretch and conform to your body without losing their shape a few hours into the day.

How Should Boxer Briefs Fit?

Boxer briefs should fit comfortably snug like a second skin but never cut off your circulation. As for the pouch, it should support you without suffocating you. Whether the fly functions with a side entry or horizontal fly or is a more seamless experience is a matter of personal preference. A solid pair of boxer briefs also shouldn’t bunch or give you a wedgy.

What Material Is Best for Boxer Briefs?

The fabric should be stretchy enough to curve to your body without restricting your range of motion (high kicks all day, baby!) and keep its shape all day long. That fabric should also be breathable and soft and should also last a long time without pilling. To achieve those main objectives, manufacturers use a variety of different fabrics. While materials like lyocell, rayon, and micromodal fabric provide an insanely smooth feel, the supreme all-natural breathability of a pair of Supima cotton boxer briefs also makes for a great pair of undies. More often than not, boxer briefs will use a balanced blend of materials, usually with some amount of elastane for stretch and recovery.

Remember that the best men’s underwear is more than just another piece of clothing—these pieces are your closest confidantes, entrusted to handle your more sensitive and, ahem, private matters—so it’s worth investing in the absolute best boxer briefs for men. So that’s exactly what we found—the choicest, most worthy boxer briefs around. Though we’ve narrowed down the underwear categories to boxer briefs, there are a few different kinds to choose from. But before we give you a headache, just know we’ve already done that hard work for you. From the softest to the sexiest to the stretchiest, the standalone standouts to the reliable multipacks these are the very best men’s boxer briefs.

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