A year ago, the actor Daniel Day-Lewis made his first public appearance in years and looked—as he’s tended to throughout his chameleonic career—like an entirely new version of himself. Wearing a zip-up hoodie, pale yellow skate pants, and a trucker hat from the Japanese moto brand Yoshimura, the three-time Oscar winner more closely resembled streetwear imp Timothée Chalamet than the stoic workwear god we’d come to lionize around these parts.

New York City NY  Reclusive star Daniel DayLewis is seen for the FIRST time in almost 4 years with his wife Rebecca...

A swagged-out Daniel Day-Lewis, as seen in New York City last spring.


And though Day-Lewis may be retired from the craft of acting, his decades-long commitment to eclectic clothing persists. By last fall, he’d returned to his workwear roots, wearing a turquoise bolo tie and a Kaptial denim jacket to an event in October and then, a few weeks later, a printed Howler Brothers snap-button shirt and a great pair of blue jeans on a walk with Bradley Cooper in New York City. In January, he went full Carhartt in a beat-up Detroit jacket and matching khaki double-knees; not long after, he dressed up his velvet suit with rugged Western accessories and steel-toed work boots.

Day-Lewis—who just celebrated his 67th birthday this week—reappeared in Manhattan sporting a seasonally appropriate, but still characteristically jagged, getup: a Carhartt WIP short-sleeve navy work shirt and nearly matching navy work pants (at first glance, it looks like he’s wearing a full boilersuit) with Nicks leather work boots, dark shades, and a yellow printed kerchief tied around his neck. His short sleeves revealed his armfuls of intriguing tattoos—my personal favorite is a winding mermaid—as well as an embellished silver bracelet and a silver Rolex Explorer. And though he’s since shorn the chin-length silver curls he was rocking last spring, DDL’s still rolling with the same Yoshimura trucker cap.

As winter’s chill thaws, a Carhartt buff blooms in Manhattan. The cycle begins anew.

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