Pros: Good size and shape for G-spot/prostate stimulation; optional suction cup base for hands-free use; anal-safe; harness-compatible
Cons: N/A

The Best Glass Dildo Flogger: Pipedream Icicles No. 38

Enjoy sex with a side of sadomasochism? This might be the glass dildo for you. It’s technically a flogger, but the handle is a fully useable glass dildo. The cracked texture along the dildo’s shaft feels great when inserted, and also helps you get a better grip on it when you’re flogging someone with the other end. It may not be the most practical toy ever, but it will certainly make for a night to remember.

Pros: Doubles as a flogger; intense texture
Cons: No G-spot/P-spot curve; not waterproof; some users report that flogger end’s dye can stain fabrics

Why You Need a Glass Dildo

While dildos come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, glass ones have a different feel entirely considering that they’re heavier than plastic or silicone. They offer several distinct benefits, according to Heidegger:

High-Quality Materials: “Properly made glass dildos are non-porous, meaning they are easily cleaned and sterilized,” she says. You may need to use a washcloth or scrub brush to thoroughly clean glass toys that have a lot of texture (ridges, bumps, etc.), but for the most part, it’s easy to get your glass dildo looking shiny and pristine again after using it. Glass is also recyclable, so it’s more eco-friendly than

Firmness: Along with metal and ceramic, glass is one of the firmest sex toy materials. This allows it to apply steady pressure to areas like the G-spot or prostate, which many people enjoy.

Lube Versatility: “Glass dildos can be used with all types of lube,” Heidegger points out, unlike other toy materials—like silicone and TPE—that can be damaged if you use them with silicone-based lubricants.

Temperature Play: Glass conducts temperature really well, compared to more common sex toy materials like silicone and plastic. You can leave a glass dildo in a bowl of cold or warm water for a few minutes before using it to stir the senses.

Aesthetics: “On an aesthetic level, they’re also just beautiful!” says Heidegger. Glass dildos sparkle and gleam, often look like mini sculptures, and sometimes offer opulent touches, like embedded crystals.

Are Glass Dildos Safe to Use?

It’s understandable to be apprehensive about glass toys, since breaking them is an obvious hazard—especially around your most sensitive bits. Still, Heidegger explains that glass dildos, made out of the same tempered or borosilicate glass as your toughest Pyrex dishes, are very safe to use. Just be sure to check for signs of breakage if they drop, and toss or recycle them if you see any cracks or chips.

How We Tested

I’ve been a sex toy reviewer for over 12 years, and have tried and reviewed dozens of glass dildos in that time. It’s one of my favorite toy materials, in fact, because of the way it can feel almost overwhelmingly firm. The best glass dildos are well-shaped to hit internal erogenous zones like the G-spot or prostate, and are ergonomically shaped for comfort—all factors that I considered when compiling this list. Bonus points were awarded to those with a flared base, which are safe for anal play and can even attach to a harness for strap-on sex.

About the Author

Kate Sloan is a writer specializing in sex and kink, who has reviewed hundreds of sex toys in a career spanning over a decade. She is the author of the books 101 Kinky Things Even You Can Do and 200 Words to Help You Talk About Sexuality & Gender, and cohosts the podcasts The Dildorks and Question Box.

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