Pros: Thick consistency means less dripping/mess; longer lasting than most other water-based lubes; compatible with all condoms and sex toys; cushiony enough to use for anal play; sleek branding
Cons: Squeeze-bottle nozzle sometimes gets clogged; will eventually need to be reapplied during longer sessions

The Best Silicone-Based Lube: Maude Shine

Shower sex is as steamy as the movies make it out to be until you realize that water is weirdly sticky. Don’t ruin a fantasy because you can’t get it in. Maude Shine is a paraben-free, silicone-based lubricant that works in the shower and underwater to keep things friction-free.

What the reviewers are saying: “This is the absolute best lube in existence! Lasts forever and does not get sticky.” —a Maude reviewer

Pros: Very long-lasting; smooth and slippery; compatible with condoms and non-silicone sex toys; convenient locking pump-top bottle; hypoallergenic; vegan
Cons: May stain sheets; thin, runny, and prone to dripping; can’t be used with silicone toys

The Best Lube for Sensitive Skin: Sliquid H20

With just six ingredients, this is one of the simplest lubes out there, so it’s great for people with sensitive skin. It’s vegan, non-flavored, unscented, hypoallergenic, and plays well with all toys and condoms. Then there’s the fact that it’s designed to mimic one’s natural lubrication. What’s not to love?

What the reviewers are saying: “As someone with very sensitive skin, I was looking for the cleanest ingredient list I could find while still offering high-quality performance, and this is absolutely the winner.” —an Amazon reviewer

Pros: Good consistency—not too thick and not too thin; hypoallergenic; vegan
Cons: Will eventually dry out and need to be reapplied; nozzle sometimes gets clogged

The Best Organic Lube: Goodparts

This water-based lube comes in a gorgeous bottle that makes it look especially sophisticated on your nightstand. And this is one case where you can judge a book (or a lube) by its cover: It contains skin-soothing ingredients like organic aloe vera, cannabis sativa seed extract, and oat kernel extract.

What the reviewers are saying: “To say that I’m super pleased is an understatement.” —a Goodparts reviewer

Pros: Contains skin-soothing aloe; organic and vegan; compatible with all kinds of condoms and sex toys; convenient locking pump-top bottle
Cons: Will eventually dry out and need to be reapplied; only available in one size

The Best Lube for Sex Toys: Unbound Jelly

After the right lubricant, sex toys are the best thing you can use to keep your sex life interesting. But you’ve got to make sure those accessories are going to play well together. Silicone lube is popular because it lasts a long time, but it can degrade silicone toys, which limits your options. When you’re bringing something new into bed, opt for a durable water-based lubricant like this one to keep all of your options open.

What the reviewers are saying: “A simple lube with a nice subtly sweet scent. Doesn’t taste bad and doesn’t need to be reapplied every two seconds unlike other lubes I’ve tried.” —an Unbound reviewer

Pros: Can be used with all kinds of condoms and sex toys; contains skin-soothing aloe
Cons: Scent may be irritating to some; only available in one bottle size (and it’s small); dries out after a few minutes and needs to be reapplied

The Best Luxe Lube: Uberlube

With its elegant bottle and silky texture, this silicone-based lube will make you feel like a million bucks. You can use it anywhere on your body, but it’s particularly well-suited for handjobs or masturbation because it stays slick for far longer than water-based lubes.

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