This petite and whimsical alarm is made from Japanese Beech and a pleasant daffodil yellow stain brings out the natural wood grain. Powered by quartz movement, the second hand moves silently, so no tick-tick-tick noises will keep you up at night. And in the morning, a “charming” electronic beep will wake you up.

The Best Alexa Alarm Clock: Amazon Echo Dot

With the introduction of Amazon’s Echo Dot, it’s easy to wonder if there is anything that Alexa can’t do. This voice-enabled clock functioned well with the basics of setting timers and alarms, which thankfully do not require stretching an arm out to adjust (simply call for help). The LED display utilizes embedded lights to show not just the time but also, when asked, the weather, any song titles currently playing, and more. To snooze, it will make you work for it, though: Just tap the top of the device to procrastinate on your wake-up.

Like other devices from the ‘Zon, the Dot is compatible with many other smart devices in your home, meaning that you can control everything from the television to the temperature sleep settings easily and all in one place. The newest version has pretty great speaker quality for music and meditations, as well as uploadable content to keep things fresh. The compatibility functions make this a no-brainer for anyone who relies on that Amazon Prime account for everything under the sun and wants to control their media usage, temperature controls, wake ups, and more all in one place.

The Most Attractive Alarm Clock: Loftie Smart Lamp

Loftie’s GQ award-winning alarm clock isn’t the company’s only product, and the Loftie Smart Lamp has already earned places in our guides to the best desk lamps and the best furniture on Amazon. We love the minimalist aesthetics and soft colors, as well as the smart features that come with this WiFi-connected lamp.

Perch this portable lamp on your nightstand and it can also double as a sunrise alarm clock. In the morning, warm light will travel up the lamp, creating your own personal sunrise. It can do the reverse in the evening to ease you into sleep. Sync up your body’s natural circadian rhythms with sunrise and sunset, or set your own sleep schedule as needed. You can also connect this lamp with your Loftie alarm clock for the best possible wake-up call.

The Best Retro Alarm Clock: Newgate Wideboy Alarm Clock

Newgate is a British company founded by a husband and wife duo, and together they make analog wall and table clocks inspired by Midcentury designs. You can find Newgate’s charming clocks on offer at Huckberry and the Moma Design Store, including this retro alarm clock. To keep time, the Wideboy has an atomic dial and silent-sweep hands that won’t annoy you while you fall sleep. The battery-powered clock lacks smart features or an accompanying app, and that’s exactly the point. When it’s time to wake up, the Wideboy uses a digital beeping to jolt you awake.

The Best Bell Alarm Clock: Arne Jacobsen Alarm Clock

Originally designed by master Danish architect Arne Jacobsen, this famous alarm clock has gotten some subtle upgrades for the modern era. When the alarm goes off (it utilizes an old-school bell contained within the clock), you can simply tap the top of the alarm to turn it off. And at night, an LED touch sensor makes it easy to check the time without getting up to turn on the lights. This alarm uses battery power and precision quartz movement to keep the time, and you can choose from three handsome metal finishes—gray, burgundy, and dark green.

3 More Alarm Clocks We Love


Digital Wooden Alarm Clock

DreamSky makes some of the most popular budget alarm clocks on Amazon, and we like the wood finish and pyramid design of this digital alarm clock. The lights can be dimmed completely, and in case of power failure, a battery backup ensures you won’t oversleep.


SmartSleep Sunrise Alarm Clock

If the new $220 Philips SmartSleep seems a bit extravagant for your nightstand, then try its much more reasonably priced little brother.


We get you’re trying to eschew your phone for something more practical at night (and in the morning), but we get it: You need your phone by your bedside. Braun’s digital alarm clock features a wireless charger so your phone is close at hand, and it’s a callback to one of Dieter Rams’ most famous alarm clock designs (with the addition of that very 21st-century charger). Just try not to doomscroll for too long before bed.

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