If you’ve noticed that we haven’t mentioned the beard comb included in Jack Black’s kit, that’s because our mothers taught us that if we can’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all. The Beard Lube by itself costs $28, so ignoring the comb isn’t costing you anything.

The Basic Kit for Regular Beards: King C. Gillette Beard Care Kit

The King C. Gillette line provides beard and shaving products that are a step above cheap drug store shaving creams and oils. This particular bundle includes the brand’s GQ Grooming Award-winning beard balm (for keeping those hairs soft and in place), the double-duty beard-and-face wash, and a beard oil. At $30 for a collection of full-size products (including that 11 oz. bottle of cleanser), it’s a cost-efficient bundle that leans on tried-and-true ingredients—argan oil, cocoa and shea butters, jojoba oil—that’ll keep your beard in king-level condition.

The Basic Kit for Curly or Coarse Beards: Bevel Beard Goals Kit

Bevel’s Beard Goals Kit has been a favorite of ours since 2021, when we first started reviewing beard kits. Bevel is best known for its no-expenses-spared hardware, with beard trimmers and hair clippers that look better—and perform better—than most anything else out there. The brand was born with the intention of creating better grooming products for Black men, and that holds true for this beardcare kit—though the pomade, conditioner, and oil will work well for anyone with curly or coarse hair. Compared to the similarly-priced Gillette set above, Bevel’s lacks a cleanser (we’ve got some suggestions), and triples down on smoothing and softening the skin and follicles with an oil, conditioner, and pomade.

The Most Giftable Beard Kit: Murdock London Redchurch St. Collection Men’s Gift Set

Murdock London

Redchurch St. Collection Men’s Gift Set

We mentioned this, but there are a lot of beard care sets from suspect brands sitting on Amazon—don’t give someone the gift of garbage grooming. The Murdock London gift set is the lone exception we found. This kit comes with four premium products for hydrating, smoothing, and washing your whiskers. Crucially, it also comes with a beard brush, an unfortunate oversight in most kits. (It’s a vegan beard brush, which means it’s likely not as effective or long-lasting as a boar-bristle brush—but also, didn’t require a boar to sacrifice it’s hair.)

The Best-Smelling Beard Kit: Acqua di Parma Barbiere Essential Shaving Kit

Acqua di Parma

Barbiere Essential Shaving Kit

Maintaining a decent beard takes real work and care—the more you put in, the better your beard’s going to look and feel. Acqua di Parma’s kit brings some real spa energy to your grooming. There’s the smooth shaving cream for prepping, and an aftershave designed to minimize redness, irritation, and razor bumps—particularly handy for sensitive areas, like the neck. And since this is Acqua di Parma, you get a bottle of the brand’s Colonia cologne, with notes of citrus, bergamot, lavender, vetiver, and patchouli. Because if they’re close to enough to appreciate your meticulously managed beard, they’re close enough to appreciate a great scent, too.

The Best Beard-Trimming Hardware Kit: Panasonic Ultimate All-In-One Kit


Multishape Ultimate All-In-One Kit

As dedicated beard trimmers go, the Panasonic Multishape Ultimate All-In-One is not first in line in our best beard trimmers review. It’s hard to beat a dedicated product, and the Multishape is more of a Swiss Army Knife—though one we vouch for, if you can put it to use. The kit features a handle with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that can accept five attachments, two of which are designed for facial hair maintenance: a foil shaver to erase stubble, and a beard trimmer with four guides plus adjustable lengths (just twist the head).

Beyond beard maintenance, the Multishape also has a nose-and-ear hair trimmer and two toothbrush heads, including an adapter. Which is to say: the Panasonic Multishape can do a lot of jobs. It isn’t the best at any one of those jobs, but it’ll simplify your countertop and keep your Dopp kit streamlined while traveling.

How we chose these beard kits

We encountered a few common issues when searching for beard sets: Low-quality products, sets that were missing necessary grooming tools, or kits with too many similar products. So, what do we look for in beard kits? High-quality products from trusted brands that add up to a solid deal. Ideally, these products come in a convenient and cost-effective package.

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