Levi’s and Beams have a good thing going. For their fourth spin around the block, the duo returns with a limited-edition capsule collection of just three pieces, including Levi’s’ legendary Type 1 trucker jacket and just-as-legendary 501 jeans, blown up to delightfully Brobdingnagian proportions. You know the old saying about going big or going home? These guys internalized it to the Nth degree—and did both silhouettes up in premium Japanese selvedge, to boot.

When we talk about wardrobe staples, few pieces are as fundamental as the jean jacket. With midweight denim and a boxy fit, its rugged charm has clad many a Hollywood heartthrob and style god in its lifetime (which, by the way, is a spry 119 years young). As for who makes the best one, well, it doesn’t get more iconic than Levi’s trucker jacket. Well over a century on, the jacket continues to have a steady fan base thanks to a sturdy denim construction that can withstand plenty of roughhousing and look better for it.

Levi’s x Beams

Super Wide V2 Type 1 Trucker Jacket

It’s hard to perfect something that’s already about as good as it gets but Beams knows exactly what to tweak to keep things authentic yet fresh. Riffing off of a WWII-era iteration of the Levi’s trucker, Beams stretches the historic silhouette (pocket and all) to a super baggy cut while maintaining the cropped length. And while the original denim was hefty enough to begin with, Beams has put on a few extra ounces and opted for a heavyweight Japanese denim (16-ounce selvedge denim if you must know), washed to hell and back.

And what’s a Levi’s collab without a 501 remix? Beams iterates on the 1944 version of The Jean with the same stretched-out motif, featuring super-extended rear pockets, a double-wide leather patch, and, of course, a baggier fit than the original. If you’ve been looking for a pair of jeans for those nights out that require a little more panache without pulling out the chinos or cords, look no further. Paired with a soft cashmere sweater or a silky button-down, you’ll be ready to hit the town in no time.

To round out the collection, the collaboration includes a fun graphic tee. The T-shirt unites the brands’ logos under the trademark Levi’s arcuate on the back of the shirt and leaves the front panel clean and unadorned so you can wear it as a plain white tee, layered under a cardigan or a jacket (the Super Wide V2 Type I, perhaps?).

Yet again, Levi’s and Beams have produced a noteworthy tribute to denim craftsmanship without falling victim to repetition. You can shop the collection at Levi’s.com or, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Japan, shop the capsule in select Beams stores across the country.

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