When he’s not looming over New York in his underwear or step-and-repeating on the red carpet, Jeremy Allen White loves nothing more than shopping for flowers. That he just so happens to be hot while doing it is a perk, but it’s one GQ is especially grateful for. Take, for example, his jaunt through Studio City, California earlier this week, where White procured an especially epic bouquet in classic heartthrob fashion. Whether he was getting a jump on Valentine’s Day or simply redecorating is for other outlets to wonder: all we really care about is the pitch-perfect polo he wore while doing it.

Seems pretty par for the course thus far, right? It would be, if Jeremy Allen White wasn’t a paragon of highly-approachable, everyman style. Because the long-sleeve polo he wore on this particular floral escapade was from none other than Lacoste, the highly-approachable, everyman brand that invented the damn silhouette almost a century ago—you know, the one with the classic cotton pique fabric and the adorable little croc on the chest.

White’s preferred polo is neither super fancy nor a head-turning designer dupe: it’s even better. It’s the original, as concocted by legendary tennis player Renee Lacoste to help him keep cool on the clay. But like Converse’s Chuck Taylor or Russell’s hooded sweatshirt, it quickly transcended its origins, endearing itself to the masses and securing instant-classic status in the process.

We probably don’t need to sell you too hard on the original polo’s impeccable bona fides. Like White’s cooked vintage Levi’s and classic white Nikes, it’s objectively good. (If you’ve been around for going on a hundred years you’re doing something very right—or take your biohacking routine really seriously.) In case you need reminding, though, we’re happy to refresh your memory. Its pique fabric is soft, breathable, and somehow still substantial enough to hug your body everywhere you want it to. It’s slimming but not tight, and not too long either—a fine line lesser polos often struggle to straddle.

At $120 a pop, Lacoste’s polos aren’t exactly the sole preserve of the deep-pocketed A-list (or the stylists who shop for them). But in a happy twist of menswear kismet, White’s polo is one sale right this instant for around 75 bucks. Make moves fast: We’re guessing sizing will die out faster than even the biggest bouquet of flowers.

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