Olivia Culpo is opening up about what plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures she has—and hasn’t—gotten done. Following in the footsteps of Martha Stewart and Megan Fox, Culpo addressed speculation in a TikTok get ready with me (GRWM) video.

While prepping for the first weekend of Coachella 2024 (which is so back, in case you haven’t heard), the model and actress “spilled the tea” on all things aesthetics. But the best part is that Culpo didn’t even seem to plan it; her cosmetic “confession” came naturally as she did her festival glam.

“Today I’m going to Coachella randomly. I’m going to drive there to the festival and then come back, so I’ll be in and out,” Culpo began the clip, while applying her skin prep and makeup. “In other news, you guys. I got a lash lift yesterday. My eyelashes look—it looks like I have lash extensions or false eyelashes on,” she continued.

“It’s pretty intense….It was four hours. Four hours! Beauty is pain,” Culpo admitted. But not that kind of painful: The 31-year-old says she’s never gone under the knife. She has gotten a few things done, though.

“Everybody’s always interested in talking about what fillers you do, what Botox, you do all these things, blah, blah. I, for the record, have never had plastic surgery,” Culpo said. “I don’t judge anybody that has, but the things in my comments like what did she do to her jaw or a lot of people will say that I got buccal fat removal because my face is more sunken in now than it was 10, 12 years ago.”

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So no, Olivia Culpo has not gotten buccal fat removal.

As for what she has done? “I’ll tell you guys exactly what I do,” Culpo said. “I get Botox here, here and here and here,” she explained, pointing to the area around her eyes and her chin, halfway between the bottom of her jaw and mouth. (This is also known as masseter Botox.)

Later in the video, Culpo shared that she tried Botox just above her lip, also known as a lip flip, and never did it again: “It made my lips look insane.” Culpo doesn’t actually do Botox where you’d expect it, though. “I don’t do Botox in my forehead. If I get Botox [there], it actually looks like [it’s falling down,” she explained.

She does, however, get lip injections. “I fill my lips,” Culpo said. “I do not fill my jaw. There’s actually a period in time where I would do Botox [in my jaw] to slim it, but I’m just embracing my natural structure.”

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