The response: Jeramy partially confirmed the accusations while refuting that he was still with Mcliverty when he applied for the show…because he claims he didn’t apply at all. In an Instagram video, Jeramy claimed a casting agent reached out to him about the show while he was already “out on my own for a number of weeks,” sharing a redacted version of the alleged DM in the second slide.

“Anybody that I was on dates with, my castmates, and in multiple interviews, this topic was discussed,” he said in the video. “Nobody is surprised by this. It was something that was well documented. Unfortunately with all of the footage that is captured, not all of it makes it into the final cut. This just happened to not make it in there.”

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If that’s true, why would casting think a man fresh out of a serious relationship would be ready to marry a complete stranger? Just a question!

Trevor Sova

The storyline: Trevor was a fan favorite for his lovable, open demeanor in the pods. Many were heartbroken on his behalf when love interest Chelsea Blackwell got engaged to Jimmy Presnell instead of the 31-year-old fitness buff—especially knowing his dog Chelsea died of cancer while he was filming the show.

The accusation: On February 22, The Reality Ashley’s Instagram account shared screenshots of texts between Trevor and his alleged ex-girlfriend Natalia Marrero, which seemingly proved they were a couple during filming. “I love you so much honey,” read one alleged text sent by Trevor before entering the pods. “I’m excited for it but more exciting to get back to you after and start our life together.” Trevor also appears to claim he met another contestant on the plane who had no intention of getting married on the show.

Once he was out of the pods, he appeared to text Marrero about Chelsea, adding, “I hope you know how much I love you and had to pretend that this wasn’t real life to say anything I said.” You can see the post here.

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