For this Love Is Blind couple, being a part of a love triangle was only the beginning of the drama.

Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski have weathered quite the journey together on Love Is Blind season six, with messiness playing out both on screen and in the tabloids. And based on the cliffhanger in the last episode, it’s really not looking good for the pair.

Here’s everything we know about the duo, including the couple’s backgrounds, how their journey unfolded, and where they are now.

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Who are they?

Dadisman, 34, is an account director who is ready to settle down after trying to find love via “every other avenue.” A true corporate girlie, she enjoys music festivals, according to her Netflix bio, and is also passionate about keeping a clean home.

Lutinski, 32, works in intralogistics, which I don’t exactly understand, but I’m sure is great. According to his Netflix bio, he loves to work out and be physically active and is looking for a partner who enjoys that as well. She should also wear earplugs: he admits he is known for “snoring like a freight train,” saying on the show that he snores due to his sleep apnea. Noted!

What went down on the show?

You guessed it, this romance began with yet another love triangle (this is Love Is Blind, after all). In the pods, Lutinski formed connections with both Dadisman and fellow contestant Sarah Ann, and went back and forth for a while trying to decide which of them he wanted to get more serious with.

Ultimately, he decided his connection was stronger with Dadisman, and the couple got engaged and left the pods. All good now, right? Wrong.

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