There really is no more bad blood between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

What began as a legendary feud over backup dancers around 2012 has morphed into a beautiful friendship. Six years after sending Swift a literal olive branch in 2018, Perry attended the Eras Tour in Sydney, Australia as a VIP guest. “Got to see an old friend shine tonight ♥️✨,” Perry captioned a selfie with the 34-year-old “Anti-Hero” singer, as well as multiple other photos and videos from the evening.

And what better way to commemorate their journey than with a nod to their lowest point? Fans were delighted to see Perry’s reaction to “Bad Blood,” a song widely believed to have been written about the “Firework” singer herself. In one clip from the slideshow, Perry makes a shocked expression for the camera before singing along with the 1989 revenge anthem.

“Ur gonna break the Internet with this one bb,” a fan pointed out in the comments, while another wrote, “The way you react and sing ‘Bad Blood’ made my day.” Another mutual fan responded, “Katy jamming out to ‘Bad Blood’ is legendary!!! Wish she brought you on stage!!”

The love in the comments only continued from there. “Screaming crying and throwing up. I love 2 icons,” read another response, while one user wrote, “People were changed forever by this post.”

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Back in 2014, Swift told Rolling Stone that “Bad Blood” was about a fellow pop star without naming Perry. “It had to do with business,” Swift explained at the time. “She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me.”

Shortly after, Perry appeared to subtweet the interview, writing, “Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.” If you have time to fill yourself in on the rest of the timeline, click here.

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