These days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing a pair of Hokas. On my New York subway commute, they’re as ubiquitous as AirPods. At races around the world, everyone wears Hokas and Apple Watches. In hospitals, it’s all nurses wearing Hokas and drinking from giant water bottles with straws. The point? Everyone is loves Hoka. The brand is inescapable in 2024.

That also means Hoka sales are hard to come by. Unlike mattresses, which get discounted every other week, prices on these buzzy running shoes usually only get slashed during the biggest shopping holidays. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a nice little sale happening on the Hoka site right this very moment.

As any brand does when it’s riding a wave of hot new releases, Hoka has started trying out some left of center ideas. The Project Clifton took some inspo from the brand’s hot Satisfy Running collab, but didn’t see the same success. It’s still an amazing looking runner—and, even better, it’s currently 34 percent off. Along with that, there’s some previous editions of the brand’s heavy hitters like the Clifton and the Mach also available at discount.

Whether you’re working out in these shoes or just looking for a new pair to wear alongside your athleisure (or on your commute), there are options for everyone. Not every colorway is marked down, but there are still real savings to be had. These are our favorite selects from the entire Hoka sale section.

Project Clifton
Hoka Project Clifton

Now 34% Off

Clifton 8
Hoka Clifton 8

Now 20% Off

Bondi 8
Mach 5
Rincon 3

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