When it comes to basic robot mops, meaning models that can’t vacuum, the Bissell ReadyClean A3 is the standout. The main reason is the little home (technically called a docking station) that comes with it. When the ReadyClean A3 is done with its chores, it navigates back to its station, switches out its dry or wet pad, and charges itself until the next use. The docking station is eminently practical, but it also gives the mop a nice little place to be stored.

As for actual performance, the Bissell also excels. It can dry sweep, and it can wet mop. The squared-off design of the front makes it better than most at getting into corners and up along baseboards. It’s got incredible battery life, often going at it for several hours before heading back to its station. Plus, its cleaning was always thorough, never leaving missed spots around the apartment.

There are two downsides, however, and both are inherent to this style of robot mop. First, because of the way the pads are loaded in the front, it doesn’t handle floor thresholds very well. We have only one in our apartment, so it wasn’t a huge pain, but your situation may be different. Second, without a vacuum function, you still need to do half the work yourself, whether sweeping or vacuuming, before it runs. The ReadyClean A3 can “sweep” with dry pads, but truthfully, that’s more like dusting before a proper mopping.

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