Waterproof rating – Anything that is going to physically sit in your shower should be IP67 or IPX7 rated. At IP67—IPX7 is an unofficially tested version of the same criteria—a speaker is dustproof, and it can be submerged under one-meter of water for 30 minutes. You don’t necessarily need that on a shower speaker. But it’s the best waterproofing you can get, and it’s so easy to find there’s no reason not to get something that tough.

Size – To be a shower speaker, it has to be physically small. We gave preference to models with a clip mechanism of some sort, or others with a vertical orientation and small footprint.

Looks – Sounds weird, sure. But, we believe you should never buy anything that is ugly. We all need to be surrounded by more beauty, and the shower is not somewhere we take exception to that rule.

Versatility – Another thing we rate highly is the ability to be more than a shower speaker. Our top three picks, the Ultimate Ears, Marshall, and Sonos options are all powerful enough to anchor a pool kickback or beach day. Sure, they’ll cost more. But they sound better, and you get more use out of them. Worth it in our book.

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