This is the biggest consideration for a duvet cover. It has the biggest impact on your sleeping experience. Here’s a quick rundown.

Cotton Percale – The most classic bedding material. Cool, crisp, and airy, it’s the perfect master of none.

Cotton Sateen – A more luxe cotton weave. There’s a bit more shine and heft to this, so it looks better but sleeps warmer.

Linen – Great for imperfect and earthy bedding. It’s an airy fabric that starts crisp but gets softer with every wash.

Flannel – Only for cold months—super soft, super warm.

Bamboo Viscose – Made from cellulose that was originally a byproduct of manufacturing. Fabric is incredibly soft, durable, and cool. Not the most classic feel, but we love it.

Lyocell and Tencel – Like bamboo viscose, made from cellulose. Lyocell is generic, from any tree. Tencel is specifically made with eucalyptus.

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