These days, everything Ryan Gosling wears turns to menswear gold (or, in the case of Ken, maybe a light shade of spray-tan orange). The bomber jacket he wore in Drive is a now-infamous grail. The high-end running sunglasses he wore on a recent press blitz sold out faster than you can say “on your marks”. And his obsession with King & Tuckfield’s polos helped turn the brand into one of Hollywood’s premier knit whisperers.

So when Gosling appeared in a promo video for last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, which he hosted alongside musical guest Chris Stapleton, we figured his bright blue trucker cap, curiously emblazoned with the logo of the American construction company Caterpillar, was long gone, or a one-off vintage find. Luckily for you, we were woefully mistaken—and it’s not the first time Gosling fooled us.

As it happens, the actor’s SNL cap is part of a vintage-inspired collection CAT dreamed up for The Fall Guy, the silly-goose action flick starring Gosling and Emily Blunt, set to hit theaters in May. Gosling is a reliably good sport when it comes to singing for his projects, but his commitment to CAT’s retro truckers extends far beyond the usual promotional duties.

We first clocked him wearing one way back in November, but were too distracted eyeballing his boots to think much of it. Then we noticed him wearing another CAT hat to this year’s Oscars rehearsal, and our interest was piqued. The guy clearly loves ‘em, an only slightly-odd penchant for an A-lister who’s probably never stepped foot on a construction site when you consider his peers’ infatuation with double-knees and work jackets.

Outside of the retro-leaning caps CAT designed for The Fall Guy, the brand’s hats are a little hit and miss. A few skew micro-brewery-esque (and not in a cool way), and we’d steer clear of any that feature the American flag. But plenty of others are just as ruggedly no-nonsense as you’d expect, an authenticity that’s made the brand a surprisingly frequent fashion world presence via collaborations with the likes of Heron Preston and John Elliott. If Ryan Gosling’s track record is any indication, The Fall Guy might just inspire the “He is literally me” crowd to swap their Yankees caps for CAT truckers—and for once, you could do a lot worse than following their lead.

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