There is also a feeling among the fandoms that Swift may be envious of Eilish’s two Oscars, as Swift has written a number of songs for movies but never gotten a nomination (nor did her “All Too Well” short film make it onto the nom list), though the evidence, again, is just that…they both write songs for movies.

What have they each said about it?

In April, Eilish clarified that her comments were not directed at any one person, and that she meant to highlight waste in the music industry, writing on Instagram Stories, “Okay so it would be so awesome if people would stop putting words into my mouth and actually read what i said in that Billboard article. I wasn’t singling anyone out, these are industry-wide systemic issues. & when it comes to variants, so many artists release them – including ME! which i clearly state in the article. The climate crisis is now and it’s about all of us being part of the problem and trying to do better sheesh.”

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Neither Swift nor her representatives have addressed Eilish’s comments at all.

What’s happening now, according to the internet?

As compiled in this Reddit post, Swift has recently (as of Wednesday, May 22) been releasing bonus editions and remixes of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, which came out a month ago. This is pretty par for the course for Swift, who does try to maximize her time at the top of the charts, and has for pretty much every modern album. However, Eilish fans believe this is a deliberate move to “block” Eilish’s new album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, from the number one spot on the charts.

Additionally, Swift released a remix of her single “Fortnight” by music producer BLOND:ISH, who is known for her environmental activism. This could be interpreted as a deliberate response to Eilish, or, in the vein of other TTPD tracks, a response to the fans and critics who point out her private jet usage. The post also notes that Kim Kardashian, not exactly Swift’s bestie, received a promo package for Eilish’s new album, further fanning “feud” flames.

One more thing: Billie Eilish is signed to Interscope Records and Taylor Swift is signed to Republic Records, both of which are owned by Universal Music Group, and I personally would not put it past a crafty UMG PR executive to fabricate a chart war to get both artists’ fanbases to buy the music. Juuuuust saying.

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