Which Amazon Echo speaker is best?

If you’re making me choose, it’s hard not to just recommend the Echo Gen 4. It’s a great option for normal people who aren’t audio freaks (like me). If you’re looking for an Alexa speaker you likely want something to listen to music or podcasts on and the latest classic Echo is perfect for that.

If you plan on watching movies or connecting your TV to your Alexa speaker as your primary audio device, I would suggest spending the extra money on the Echo Studio. For a $200 speaker, it really fills up a space. Sonically, that is—one of the great advantages of these Alexa-enabled devices is just how compact Amazon makes them.

How does Amazon protect my privacy?

We understand the concerns about privacy when it comes to digital assistants and voice-enabled devices that wait around all day, listening to you, and waiting for an activation phrase. In theory, it’s scary, but societal pressures are keeping Big Tech honest.

When it comes to the company line, Amazon promises that its entire line of Echo products are designed to protect the user’s privacy. Each one of them includes the option to turn off or mute your mic at any point. You can read more here about the ways Amazon lets you adjust your Alexa privacy and security settings.

What’s the difference between Alexa and Amazon Echo?

Alexa is the name of the Amazon smart assistant software. Amazon Echo is the actual speaker and hardware. Think of it as this: Alexa is your little helper that lives within an Amazon Echo.

Yes, we’re big shot tech writers, but we get how that can be confusing for people who aren’t. We’ve explained to our parents several times, and they’re smart people. No shame. Alexa lives inside the Amazon Echo.

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