Let’s just be honest, most of us grew up not caring at all about golf with, the exception of Tiger Woods or that crazy hole-in-one we’d see watching the top 10 plays on SportsCenter. Golf was the boring, swagless sport for waspy old white dudes. But not anymore. 

These days, there are a number of brands popping up that are trying to make the sport more appealing for a younger and more diverse crowd. A big part of that equation is making clothing that you can wear without looking like a complete dork just to go spend an afternoon on the golf course. 

There’s also a ton of big brands that have aided the cause. Nike has released classics like the Air Max 1 and collabs with Travis Scott tooled for the golf course. Aimé Leon Dore and Drake’s Nocta have released golf-themed capsules. Kith collaborated with TaylorMade. Right now, there are more options than ever for the casual fans.

Streetwear is taking over the golf world. Here are some of the brands leading the charge.

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