He described how the rap community “love[d] sports and wanted to be sporting. So then I started doing big logos. But they wanted everything way, way oversized, because they were buying sizes that were way too large. And so I started just making oversized, and it was a perfect storm. I was dressing Puff Daddy for his tours. I was dressing Biggie Smalls. I was dressing 2Pac.”

Of course, around that time Hilfiger was mired in a rumor that he told Oprah Winfrey his clothes weren’t meant for Black, Latin, Jewish, and Asian people, but for upper-class white people.

“It was when the internet was just starting,” Hilfiger told the Guardian in 2023. “It was devastating, that people would think that I would really think that way. And I think people who know me knew that it wasn’t true. But there are so many millions of people out there who didn’t know me but had heard.”

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