The original video, which featured an edit of Tinashe’s single “Nasty,” showed the white guy moving his hips fluidly with his dance partner. The clip garnered over 10 million views on X, and several people recreated it, including Tinashe, who mimicked the moves on her own TikTik post.

Thanks to the viral video, Tinashe saw a huge boost in her streams. According to Billboard, “Nasty” garnered over 705,000 U.S. on-demand audio streams between May 10-13, a 48 percent increase from the 475,000 streams the weekend before. “Nasty” also climbed to No. 30 on Spotify’s Viral 50 USA chart. 

The song was released last month and will be featured on her forthcoming album, BB/ANG3L PT. 2 — Quantum Baby

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