From the best white T-shirts to a T-shirt dress that will last you seasons (but more on that soon), us fashion fans have a very particular skillset which—in the right, very specific, context—can prove invaluable. One of our party tricks is knowing exactly what to wear when we move into a new season, and with spring basically here it’s officially time to start considering our warm-weather wardrobes.

For most of us, this means putting away the outerwear and thermal layers and returning to our long-lost—but no less beloved—statement tees, day dresses, and sandals. Even if the latter do need to be worn with a sock while we wait for the weather to catch up…

For many, the arrival of spring also means getting rid of all the moody hues and instead reuniting with a lighter, brighter palette of whites, pastels, and bold primary colors. For a lot of us, however, black is very much a neutral. Entirely seasonless and by no means restricted to the colder months, black can often be one of the most impactful color options for the warmer months.

Somewhat unexpected amidst a sea of white and pastels, the seemingly contradictory visual of a heavily-hued piece which is in fact super lightweight and free-flowing is actually one of the fashion industry’s simplest—but best-kept—secrets.

Enter, the Cos T-shirt dress.

Cos Pleated Skirt T-Shirt Dress

A boxy-fit, oversized black T-shirt complete with a dropped waist and a pleated skirt, it’s one of those throw-on dresses that you don’t realize how wise a buy it was until a few months down the line.

Just as perfect worn with your favorite blue Adidas and a crossbody bag for a weekend running errands as it is with an oversized black clutch bag and heels for a fancy dinner with the girls, we’ll also be wearing this weekly in the office with our chunky loafers and a good sock.

Now, if someone could just let the wind and rain know what’s up that’d be great…

This post was originally published on Glamour UK. For more from fashion editor Charlie Teather, follow her on Instagram @charlieteather.

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