If you’re settling in to watch Love Is Blind season 6, a perfectly reasonable and equally bizarre question might have come up for you: exactly what does bean dip mean? Disappointingly, in this case, it’s not a guac-like situation nor any form of dip. The phrase has an entirely different meaning that has nothing to do with dip if you’ve been watching the latest season of the Netflix hit show.

Listen, we’re not sure how we ended up here either, but if you’re wondering “what does bean dip mean in Love Is Blind?,” well, so are we. But you may not like the answer.

We hardly need to remind you that Love Is Blind sees several men and women blindly speed date via “pods,” where they’re able to speak to one another but can’t see what the other person looks like. Over 10 days of intense talking, couples are able to decide whether they want to get engaged to the person they’ve been speaking to in just under two weeks, all unseen.

After the proposals, the couples get to finally meet in person and head off on a “honeymoon” trip along with the other couples—where they’re able to get to know one another better and meet the rest of the cast. It was during this fateful time that bean dip-gate came to be, specifically over a very awkward moment between couples Laura and Jeramey and Clay and AD, when it was revealed that Laura had made a bean dip joke.

What does bean dip mean in Love Is Blind Season 6?

At a cocktail party in episode six, Laura jokes to her fiancé Jeramey that he should “bean dip” AD.

Then, in conversation with Clay and AD, Jeramey explains the joke much to the visible discomfort of Clay and AD, with him saying: “She told me to do it to you, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna get f***ing cancelled!'”

Clearly taken aback, AD responded, “Do not, I will fight you,” before AD’s partner Clay said the joke had offended him.

As Jeramey joked that Laura was trying to set him up for “some bulls***,” AD explained to Clay and Jimmy that: “a bean dip is like this t**ty smack … [Laura] smacked the s*** out of my t**ties.”

Urban Dictionary explains a bean dip as to “raise the underboob of a man or woman with your index and second finger,” so we can totally see why things got so awkward so quickly—and why Clay and AD were clearly uncomfortable with the entire situation.

Another internet definition suggests that a bean dip is to “flick a man or woman’s breast with an index finger.”

Of course, suggesting that someone should do this to a woman out of the blue and uninvited is never okay—and plenty of Love Is Blind viewers were quick to weigh in on social media.

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