Here’s a good rule of thumb: When assembling the best beard products, all of your gear should fit inside a normal-sized dopp kit. For the sake of your scruff, and bathroom counter, don’t let your grooming toolkit spiral out of control. Your facial hair may benefit from beard trimmers, scissors, razors and shaving creams, oils, balms, washes, conditioners, mustache waxes, combs, brushes, after-shaves, or scrubs, but it will almost certainly suffer under the weight of all of the above. Put more simply: Don’t overdo it, fellas.

But be warned, you under-groom at your own risk—beard dandruff and funk are very real. The best beard care products are what stand between perfectly groomed facial hair and a scraggly mess. However, finding the right combination of products takes trial and error. And the reason we know that is because our grooming aficionados have been conducting exactly that trial and error, on your behalf, for years.

The Best Beard Care Products, at a Glance

In a hurry, Grizzly Adams? We’ve got dozens of products for your consideration below, but check out our top picks right here.

Beards aren’t the ubiquitous style accessory they were during the pandemic, but they’ll be back. Here in the states, beards have been going in and out of style since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But for many of us bearded gents, our whiskers aren’t a fashion statement—they’re a lifestyle. (If you’re experimenting with facial hair for the first time, welcome to the brotherhood, my man.) And like a lot of endeavors in life, if you want to do it right, you need the right tools for the job. After extensive beards-on testing, from the must-have staples to the downright strange, we’ve collected our favorites for you here. Many are former GQ Grooming Award winners, and they’ve all been personally vetted to help you achieve peak beard.

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