Ryan Gosling might be boxing up his Ken wardrobe, but we’ll always remember the good times. Namely, the epic fits he wore during a Barbie promotional run (which included a greatest hits tour of King and Tuckfield’s knit polos) that stretched through Oscar season. There’s one Gos-look in particular we want to highlight today—a moment during Milan Fashion Week last year when Gosling toned down the Kenergy to sit for the Gucci Spring/Summer 2024 show. He went nearly full Gucci, from horsebit loafers up to a matching horsebit leather jacket. But we say “nearly” because on his face sat a pair of sporty ’70s-style shades from a different brand.

Article One x Mission Workshop

Sunglasses in Vintage Crystal

Those speed racer sunnies were from Article One, a brand known for running style, not runway style. Founded by a former collegiate runner, Article One’s frames are made for pavement pounders who don’t want to look like they stepped out of a sci-fi movie set. Gosling’s specific translucent sepia-tone frames, a collab with outdoor apparel brand Mission Workshop, were right at home as part of this movie star look.

The sunglasses are an acetate riff on a classic pair of aviators, but decked out with functional features for runners: adjustable nose pads and rubber temple tips to keep them locked on your face, and polarized lenses with an anti-reflective coating to block out the sun’s rays and the camera flash of paparazzi.

So why the hell are we writing about a months-old Ryan Gosling look? Because those Article One frames were sold out at the time—but they’ve recently been restocked in a handful of colorways, including his go-to crystal pick. And given their stunt-ready style, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Gosling donning them again for his The Fall Guy promo.

Article One x Mission Workshop

Sunglasses in Green Tortoise

Article One x Mission Workshop

Sunglasses in Black Marble

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