Best Toy To Buy From Adam & Eve: Satisfyer Backdoor Lover


Backdoor Lover Vibrating Anal Plug

The curvy shape of this vibrating plug allows it to hit the prostate satisfyingly, while the plug’s thin neck keeps it anchored where you want it. It’s got 12 vibration settings, which you can cycle through easily by pressing its one button. It’s waterproof, too, for some potential shower play.

Best For: On-site reviews

Given it sells one million sex toy products, it’s no surprise that PinkCherry has become a go-to for sex toy shoppers across the spectrum. What makes that ocean of fun really functional, though, are the 109,000 product reviews, which makes your life easier when you’re trying to narrow down which toys are worth buying, or figure out if the experience you’re hoping to have is what you’ll actually get.

Best Toy To Buy From PinkCherry: G-Spot Tulip Vibrator


G-Spot Tulip Vibrator

This toy is designed to hit the G-spot and vibrate the hell out of it, and it achieves that goal. Its upturned, oval-shaped head gently curves into that spot with minimal effort, whether you choose to thrust the toy in and out or just leave it still. Unusually, it’s got a dial instead of buttons, so you can micro-adjust the speed to suit your whims at any moment.

Best For: Sex furniture and positioning aids

We all need a little extra support in the bedroom sometimes, and while you could just stack up some pillows to help you achieve that perfect angle or a more comfortable position, it’s much easier to use a product built for that purpose specifically. Liberator makes a huge array of foam “shapes,” from slim pillows to wide wedges, that make sex easier and more fun – and because they’re designed for sex, many of them have a moisture-resistant liner to protect the inner core from lube and bodily fluids, and a cover that can be zipped off and machine-washed after you’re done.

Best Toy To Buy From Liberator: Wedge


Wedge Sex Pillow

One of Liberator’s most iconic products is the Wedge, a broad shape that can help you achieve better angles for penetrative sex, oral sex, or whatever else you’re in the mood for. It’s wide enough to fit a variety of body sizes, and conveniently works well as a reading pillow when you’re not having sex.

Best For: Ultra-luxurious toys

It’s true: Gwyneth Paltrow’s infamous wellness brand carries a surprising amount of sex toys in their online shop. As you might expect, their selection skews bougie, and much of it will be financially out of reach for the average shopper, but it’s a must-visit site if you’re looking to drop some serious cash on a gold-plated dildo or a ludicrously high-tech vibrator.

Best Toy To Buy From Goop: JoyLux vFit Gold

This toy comes highly recommended by Katie Silcox, an Ayurvedic medicine specialist and author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy. “It is both [a] vibrator, stimulator, and high-tech red light (LED) therapy for the sensitive vaginal and clitoral tissues,” she previously told GQ. A gentle warming function also helps stimulate bloodflow, for better vaginal health and increased arousal. Yep, sounds pretty Goop-y.

Best For: Toys aimed at lesbians and queer women

This lesbian-owned company specializes in toys for queer women of all stripes, but they’re quick to emphasize that people of all genders, genitalia, and sexual orientations can use their products. Their selection is amazingly wide-ranging, and includes strap-on harnesses, dildos, vibrators, lubes, gender affirmation gear, informational sex books, and so much more.

Best Toy To Buy From Wet For Her: Two Finger Extender

Wet For Her

Two Finger Extender

This was the first product ever launched by Wet For Her, and it’s an invention that’s somehow so simple yet so smart: slide it onto your fingers and you’ll gain some extra length to work with when fingering a partner (or yourself). It’s firmer than fingers, so you may be able to apply stronger pressure to the G-spot or P-spot with this toy than you’d normally be capable of.

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