We’re fabric freaks over here. When it comes to our style, our furniture, and our bedding, the material will always be top of mind. We only want to touch the highest quality, and whether that’s a cashmere sweater, a suede jacket, or a couch made of linen or leather, it means a lot to us. But, it doesn’t mean much to a lot of brands. In 2024, there’s an endless stream of bad fabrics, and bad materials. There are, however, brands fighting the good fight, and Parachute is one such brand.

The mattress, bedding, and furniture company really took off with its Eco Mattress, which dumps memory foam and gel in favor of layers of all natural New Zealand wool. It’s a leader in the natural, or “organic,” mattress market, and it took Parachute to the top. Now, the company makes all sorts of home sets. There’s bath robes, bed sheets, and living room sets. It’s all just as incredible as that first mattress, and right now most of it is on sale.

Parachute is ending a few product lines and colorways, and its got to unload a bunch of it froms its warehouses. The result? Well, the result is that you can save up to 75 percent off the Parachute sale section from now until Monday, April 1.

Parachute is very much not going out of business, but this is on the level of an old-school furniture store Going Out of Business Sale. I’m seeing brand new, high-quality home goods going for incredibly cheap. I need two bedside tables, so I might snag a pair here. But, I also found a bunch of the best offerings from the sale, and I’ve aggregated them all here for you, dear reader. If you’ve been needing a home refresh, these are the sales to shop. Tap in.

Leather Sling Chair
Leather Sling Chair

Now 41% Off

Summit Side Table
Parachute Home Summit Side Table

Now 30% Off

Loop Coffee Table
Loop Coffee Table

Now 53% Off

Studio Ceramic Table Lamp
Parachute Home Studio Ceramic Table Lamp

Now 68% Off

Catch:3 Tray
Courant Catch:3 Tray

Now 36% Off

Cloud Cotton Robe
Parachute Home Cloud Cotton Robe

Now 45% Off

Waffle Robe
Parachute Home Waffle Robe

Now 36% Off

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe
Parachute Home Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

Now 47% Off

Plush Bath Sheet
Parachute Home Plush Bath Sheet

Now 46% Off

Linen Duvet Cover
Parachute Home Linen Duvet Cover

Now 44% Off

Linen Fitted Sheet
Parachute Home Linen Fitted Sheet

Now 44% Off

Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover
Parachute Home Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover

Now 44% Off

Sateen Duvet Cover
Parachute Home Sateen Duvet Cover

Now 44% Off

Organic Soft Stitch Quilt
Parachute Home Organic Soft Stitch Quilt

Now 44% Off

Men's Linen Pant
Parachute Home Men’s Linen Pant

Now 61% Off

Washed Linen Curtain
Washed Linen Curtain

Now 44% Off

Stella Vase
Parachute Stella Vase

Now 68% Off

Canvas Laundry Hamper
Parachute Home Canvas Laundry Hamper

Now 45% Off

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