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Editor’s Choice: The Upgraded Lodge Cast Iron Skillet With More Character

Down South, Lodge cookware is in everyone’s kitchen, and a lot of it is handed down from great or great-great-grandparents. A cast iron skillet or dutch oven is also a traditional newlywed gift, because it’s supposed to symbolize how long your marriage will last: forever. Many brands on this list make cast iron, but none do it fairer than Lodge.

First, there’s the brands 120-years-experience that renders each of its piece an heirloom-worthy cookware. Then, there’s the uniformity: Lodge’s pans, griddles, dutch ovens, pots, grills, skillets, sets, and beyond all come in a trademark glossy cast iron black. But there’s also the versatility that comes naturally with the material: For grilling steak over a campfire or baking cornbread in the oven. Anything goes. And so long as you clean and season it properly, it’s really fucking hard to ruin a piece of Lodge cookware.

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