Vince Garcia knows a thing or two about grooming. Not only has the Toronto native—now an L.A. transplant—been barbering at his own shop for more than 18 years, but his client list is packed with notable names whose looks garner just as much attention as their performances. We’re talking guys like Kevin Durant, Lewis Hamilton, Travis Kelce, and Ludacris—and that’s just a sampling. Needless to say, Garcia knows his shit.

As the newly tapped Dior Sauvage Grooming Ambassador (the first time the house has a barber as ambassador), Garcia is bringing his expertise to an audience even wider than his 218k Instagram followers and showing guys how and why to use the new Dior Sauvage Mencare grooming products. And as it turns out, the straightforward, three-part skin-care system is a big hit not only for his clients but for Garcia as well. “I had sensitive skin and acne growing up that really only one product would work for,” he says. “But since I’ve been using this, I’ve seen a big difference. My skin feels so much more hydrated. Even my fiancée told me my skin was glowing.”

We sat down with Garcia to get a taste of the new products firsthand—yes, we can confirm the hydration is real—and grill him on the grooming tips that he passes on to his famous clients to keep them looking great in and out of his chair.

If You Use One Thing, Use Toner

According to Garcia, one of the most underused products, but one that can make a real difference in our skin, is toner. He recommends it to all his clients, especially the athletes, because “it helps minimize the pores and not allow all the dirt and sweat to get in there,” plus “it really rejuvenates your skin and has a nice, cooling sensation.” Best of all, it’s easy to use. Just apply it after you cleanse but before you put on a serum or moisturizer (or both). And for the record, Garcia isn’t just recommending it—he’s using it himself. “Usually by midday my face gets dried out or is super oily. After using toner, I still have that glowing look and my skin feels so much more hydrated.”

Dior Sauvage The Toner

Sauvage The Toner

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by skin care, especially if you’re new to the game. Garcia’s clients “just want something easy,” which is part of why he likes a three-step system. He hasn’t found a single person yet who can’t handle the easy-to-understand cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine. Additionally, a great number of his clients say they have sensitive skin, in which case simplicity is key (not to mention non-irritating ingredients). His biggest lesson: You don’t have to do a lot to have good skin, you just have to use the right products.

Dior Sauvage The Cleanser

Sauvage The Cleanser

Dior Sauvage The Cleanser

Dior Sauvage The Serum

Sauvage The Serum

Deal With Bumps in the Road

One of the most common concerns his clients ask him about is razor bumps. The solution, he says, is twofold. First, what kind of tool you use to shave matters. Using an electric razor or a straight razor may help prevent bumps from forming in the first place—but may take some trial and error to find out which is best for you. Garcia likes the Braun Series 9 Pro because the foils aren’t as aggressive and won’t cause irritation. Second, when and if bumps do pop up, Garcia recommends classic Tend Skin Solution, which he’s been using for years and “really works.”

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver

Series 9 Pro 9465cc Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 9 Pro 9465cc Wet & Dry Electric Foil Shaver

Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution

The Skin Care Solution

Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution

Focus on Beard Care

When it comes to beard care, he notices many clients neglect the basics. “The main thing is using a good beard oil or moisturizer on it daily so it doesn’t get all scraggly and rough,” he says. Invest in a good beard brush and use it daily, too. Brushing and moisturizing your beard “goes such a long way that sometimes you can go weeks without having to cut or trim it because of how well it’s maintained.”

Get Your Hair and Beard Cut Often

Some of Garcia’s clients, like those who are frequently on TV, will come in for a cleanup twice a week, but on average his customers come see him once a week to maintain their looks. Not all of us can commit to a haircut that often, but he says the more frequently you can get it cut, especially if it’s short, the better. In an ideal world, that would be about every two weeks.

Finish with a Shot of Cold Air

Did you know blow dryers often have cool-air functions? Garcia uses it at the end of a facial treatment or beard trim to blast a bit of cold air on his clients’ faces. “It’s my little thing I do because we’re prone to being red and it just helps soothe everything down.” If you don’t have a hair dryer, a cold towel can do the same thing.

But Seriously, Get a Blow Dryer

“A blow dryer does everything for you,” says Garcia. Think of it as a styling tool and use it before you apply any product. Use the dryer to shape it into the style you want and then use the product to lock it in—that way your style will “last you all day.” What kind of dryer you use makes a difference as well. “You want good heat and you want a good comb to really create volume,” he advises, and adds that he personally uses the Dyson Supersonic, which he says is expensive but a good investment.

Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer

Keep a Liner in Your Toolkit

Since not all of us can commit to seeing our barbers as often as Garcia’s famous clients, “it’s important to know how to clean yourself up between appointments,” he says. With proper cleanup technique, you may even be able to extend the time between cuts. The secret, he says, is a good detail trimmer or liner. He favors the StyleCraft Saber but also recommends the smaller Andis Slimline Pro. Using these to clean up the lines of your beard, your sideburns, and your hairline if necessary can keep a cut looking fresh even if you don’t touch the rest. His other tip: Make sure it’s “zero gap,” which means loosening the screws on the blade and making sure the blade and the guard are perfectly lined up. This helps cut ultra close for crisp, clean lines. Just be careful: “you never want the blade to be above the guard or it’s going to cut you.”

Stylecraft Saber Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

Saber Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

Stylecraft Saber Professional Cordless Hair Trimmer

Andis 32810 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless T-Blade Trimmer

32810 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless T-Blade Trimmer

Andis 32810 Slimline Pro Cord/Cordless T-Blade Trimmer

Spritz for Style

For lightweight style and some hold, Garcia recommends using a hair spritz like Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz, which he buys at Whole Foods (seriously). “It’s not sticky and has good hold,” he says. “I also use it when I line people up to keep their hair still, and I’ll even spray some in my hands and run it in the beard so the hair’s not moving all over the place.” He recommends using it as a finishing spray or to reactivate your other products if your style has deflated throughout the day. That’s why he also favors hair clays like Kevin Murphy Night Rider—they deliver a natural finish and can be activated with water or a spritz for restyling later on.

Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spray, 5 oz

L.A. Hold Hair Spray, 5 oz

Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spray, 5 oz

Kevin Murphy NIGHT.RIDER


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