The rumors about Taylor Swift possibly joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not going away, and Ryan Reynolds is not working especially hard to put them to rest. The Deadpool actor was asked about the possibility in an interview with Fandango (per Teen Vogue), and gave a tantalizingly vague answer.

“You know, movies like this…there’s so much speculation about so many people that might end up in the film,” Reynolds said when asked about the rumors. “I saw one that was convinced that Elvis is in the movie. Anything can happen and that’s sort of what I love about this universe. Surprises are the essence of Deadpool.” That’s not a “yes,” but it’s definitely not a “no,” either.

The stories of a Swift cameo in an MCU movie began when insiders claimed, according to PopBase, that Swift had met with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Later, the same insider, Daniel Richtman, claimed that Marvel is developing Phantom Blonde as a spy show, and that Swift is being considered for the main role.

Now, none of this is confirmed, but a possible Swift cameo in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine movie wouldn’t be completely out of left field. In the past, stars from all corners of the entertainment world have made surprising MCU cameos, including Brad Pitt, Trevor Noah, and Swift’s fellow pop-star, Miley Cyrus. Plus, there’s the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift are close friends through Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively. In fact, a Swift song was just featured in the trailer for Lively’s upcoming movie, It Ends With Us.

All I’m saying is, keep hope alive for a Swiftie superhero moment.

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