There are plenty of things to consider when deciding on a beard trimmer, but these are the most important in our opinion (apart from price).

Blades: A trimmer is only as good as its blades, since those are what’s responsible for, you know, trimming. You want blades that are durable and sharp and won’t dull or rust over time. Look for materials like stainless steel and titanium, which are the most durable and don’t get dull as quickly. Some models will note that their blades are self-sharpening, which is great if you don’t want to worry about sharpening the blades yourself or are worried about replacing them frequently. On that note, it’s worth checking to see how readily available replacement blades for a particular model are, since you will likely need to replace them eventually.

Combs: Unless you’re a seasoned professional or have a really long beard, you’ll probably want to utilize length guards (also known as combs) when you trim your beard. This allows you to trim your beard at a uniform length the whole away around and also can help you easily adjust to multiple lengths, like if you want to fade the sides of your beard or use multiple lengths for your style. Most beard trimmers will come with some guards, but make sure the one you choose has a guard that’s long enough for your desired beard style, especially if you have a medium or long beard.

Cord versus Cordless: Most beard trimmers these days are cordless, which allows you to use them more freely without worrying about a cord getting in the way. (Plus it’s great for travel.) Corded models are generally more powerful, but you need to be near an outlet to use them. We generally recommend cordless models because they’re just easier to use, but which one you choose is a personal choice.

Battery Life: If you go with a cordless model, battery life should be taken into account. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of a beard trim and have your trimmer run out of juice. We recommend going with the longest battery life you can afford just to be safe, especially if you are planning to travel with your trimmer.

Additional Features: You’ll often find a variety of other features in beard trimmers, most of which aren’t essential but are great to have. More expensive models will often have things like LED displays that show battery life, waterproof casings that allow for easy cleaning or even in-shower use, rotary dials to adjust lengths without combs, and sometimes even technology that senses hair density. Many beard trimmers without these work well, but having them can make for pleasant, and in some cases more efficient, use.

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