Sorry, Kim Kardashian. Martha Stewart doesn’t wear Skims. It’s not you, it’s her.

In a new interview with Page Six, the 82-year-old selfie queen revealed that she’s not a fan of underwear and chooses to wear swimsuits in their stead. You know, “just in case” she sees a body of water she wants to take a thirst trap in dive into.

“I like bathing suits. I like wearing bathing suits under my clothes just in case I want to go swimming,” Stewart told the publication. “Bathing suits are my underwear. I don’t wear any of that structured stuff. No tight lace, no Skims for Martha. But I love Skims. I think they serve a very good purpose—but I don’t wear those. I only wear Eres bathing suits under my clothes.”

After a quick ponder over whether that quote will upset Kardashian, she adds, “No, she won’t be mad at me. She knows I don’t wear Skims.”

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Is it any wonder Martha Stewart made history as the oldest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover star at 81 years old? Not that she wants it to look that way. While Stewart asserted that she has not had any plastic surgery and “hates Botox” in her Sports Illustrated cover story in 2023, the television personality later revealed that she does utilize injectables around her jawline and neck, as well as subtle face-fillers in her cheeks and jaw.

“I don’t think a lot about age, but I don’t want to look my age,” she said on The Martha Stewart Podcast earlier this month. “That’s why I really work hard at it. I work hard at my exercise, I work hard at my diet, which is a very healthy, normal diet. I don’t do fad diets and I don’t do any pills or anything like that. But I just eat really well and I watch what I eat. That’s really the secret.”

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