For the first time, on Monday, March 18, more than 70 brands and organizations in the country are closing their doors for a day to spotlight the nation’s lack of paid family leave—and urge lawmakers to urgently pass federal legislation.

“We’re Closed for Paid Leave,” co-ordinated by Paid Leave for All, is the first collective action of its kind, with global companies such as fashion brand Hatch, stroller company Bugaboo, and postpartum wellness company Anya—supported by actor Freida Pinto—taking part.

The day of action symbolizes what could happen if women are forced to exit the workforce because of the lack of paid family and medical leave. The United States is one of only seven countries in the world with no form of national paid family leave. Glamour has partnered with Paid Leave for All on our #passpaidleave campaign (you can sign the petition here). And we followed eight women, with varying access to paid leave, through the first 28 days postpartum to show the urgency and importance of a paid parental leave policy.

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“On this day, women across the country are coming together in solidarity to write our labor back into history—one where our work is visible, valued, and protected,” said Dawn Huckelbridge, founding director of Paid Leave for All. “Paid leave is a powerful tool for economic growth and for gender and racial equity, and Congress can’t take women, our issues—or our votes—for granted any longer.”

“This initiative is about the protection and support of all women and families during one of the most vulnerable and transitional moments in their lives,” Ariane Goldman, Founder and CEO of HATCH said.

“I’m proud to stand with the “Closed to Pass Paid Leave,” campaign,” Chuck Rocha, founder of Solidarity Strategies, said. “Women are the back bone of our workforce, and it’s time to pass paid leave now.”

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