When asked what we had to say for himself, Trevor said, “Um…” and then stared into space for so long that AD called out, “Nah, say it with your chest.”

He fumbled his way through an explanation, which included the words “I was not dating her dating her, technically, like I never said like ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ before the show started.” He went on to say that he understood that what he did was “fucked up,” and that he and the woman he was texting with were both “toxic.” But as for the why of it all, he said, “There isn’t an answer for that.”

Chelsea, for her part, reacted calmly. “I’m definitely not here to grill you by any means, it didn’t work out for us,” she said when asked how she felt about the messages. “I had this intuition for why I shouldn’t have picked you. I couldn’t explain it, but now I can.”

Trevor stayed on stage for a few more minutes to tell his piece, and suggested that the reason he texted his not not girlfriend that he wanted to marry her after he left the pods was because he was so heartbroken over Chelsea.

“Johnny saw me,” he said, referring to his breakdown post-breakup. “Johnny was in the lounge and saw me, and I know you guys trust Johnny.” (It’s true, we do trust you, Johnny!)

Finally, after a few more excruciating moments, Love Is Blind’s Trevor was released from the couches. Hopefully, he walked straight out of the studio and into that therapy he kept saying he needed.

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