Pod squad, we made it to the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion.

After a season full of drama, tears, true love, and Megan Fox, we finally get updates on our favorite (?) couples during the special, which aired on Netflix on March 13.

To mark this momentous occasion, the Glamour staff got together (via Slack) to watch the reunion, sharing all of our reactions and hot takes in real time. Here are our thoughts, completely unfiltered, about the messy reunion to cap off possibly the most messy season of Love Is Blind yet.

So grab a gold goblet of wine, and let’s get into it.

First thoughts.

“Did not need this whole intro—just tell me what’s up with Jimmy and Chelsea!” –Anna Moeslein, Deputy Editor

“OMG, is this really an hour and a half? Let’s keep it moving guys.” –Stephanie McNeal, Senior Editor

The reunion starts with some updates from Love Is Blind stars of yore, all of whom showed up for the occasion.

“I cannot believe Colleen and Matt are still together, and I will never get over Giannina and Blake from The Bachelorette being together.” -SM

We then move into the first confrontation of the night: Jeramey and Sarah Ann vs. Laura (and all the pod-mates on her side). Jeramey and Sarah Ann reveal they have been dating since they rode off on jet skis together into the sunset, with Sarah Ann saying they’ve now been together for about a year. With Laura on Zoom from a work trip in Barcelona, the group unleashes on the pair for how they handled the situation.

“Jeramey and Laura were a terrible match. I don’t know why she cares. Have we all forgotten how mean she was to him IRL?!!” -Natasha Pearlman, Executive Editor

“Why are they all speaking TikTok-ese (girl’s girl, pick-me)?” -SM

“Laura’s fighting for her life to keep a straight face.” -Sam Reed, Senior Trending News and Entertainment Editor

“Imagine your man fighting with his ex in front of you lol.” -Jazmin Gathers, Social Media Manager

“Sarah Ann watching herself back like, ‘that girl’s awesome.’” -SR

“They’re both fighting over someone who is truly deeply not worth it.” -NP

“Chelsea the tea! On and off that many times in the first year is wild.” -SR

“I give them one more month.” -NP

“They’re giving Sarah Ann too much air time.” Ru Wolle, Special Projects Editor

“This is dragging on. Let’s get to Jimmy.” -Malia Griggs, Commerce Editor

“The level of side-eying she keeps receiving from the entire cast because she’s defending THIS MAN.” -RW

“I cannot pay attention to anything Sarah Ann says—the body glitter is too distracting.” -AM

“I guess if these two say they are happy and want to ride off into the sunset together (or drive off…on jet skis) we should just let them? And I’m rooting for Laura.” -SM

With Sarah Ann and Jeramey chastised, the Lacheys bring in their next contestant for the hot seat: Trevor. The fan favorite has been embroiled in a scandal off-camera, when he was accused of having a secret girlfriend during filming.

“This music for Trevor’s walkout; it sounds like he’s about to sell me power tools.” -SR

Nick and Vanessa then read the alleged texts that leaked online, a.k.a. they brought RECEIPTS.

“Oh shit these are damning. The dramatic reading of the texts!” -SR

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