But outside of the pods, the duo struggled. At first they seemed to be retaining their spark, but as the episodes went on, it became clear the couple was having a hard time connecting (take one scene while on their post-pod vacation, where the camera just captured them on a boat, staring into space). There were a lot more scenes like this, with Gorham spending more time on his phone, it seemed, than chatting with Mills.

By episode 8 the couple was clearly on rocky ground. After a frank conversation about how they didn’t want to force something that wasn’t there, they decided to split. But they clearly wish each other well, sealing the breakup with a hug.

In an interview with People, Gorham said the couple just couldn’t make it work under the accelerated timeline of the show.

“I said to myself, ‘As much as I would love to still fight for this thing, considering where we are right now, there’s no way that we could say yes to [marriage to] each other in a week’s time, with these feelings kind of being where they’re right now,’” he said.

Mills agreed, saying that the relationship had simply run its course.

“I think that it really took a different turn when we got back to Charlotte and got back home. And I think that our in the pods we were very, very passionate and very intense. And then coming back home, that intensity kind of died down a bit,” she told Life & Style.

It seems this duo will be just fine. Mills posted on Instagram that she even had a girls get-together to watch the season, and she’s clearly being supported by her ladies.

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Did they get married on the show and are they still together?

Sadly, as explained above, this couple was not destined for marriage. Not everyone can make it, but we wish them all the best!

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