Their bliss has continued pretty smoothly so far during their Love Is Blind journey, with Cortés hitting it off with McIntyre’s two sisters and the couple attending dance classes for their upcoming wedding (they even talked about finances without fighting).

However, one issue between them has raised eyebrows among viewers: birth control.

In episode seven McIntyre told fellow podster Laura Dadisman that the couple had not had sex yet because Cortés was not on birth control, and he was worried about an accidental pregnancy. In the subsequent episode, the couple discussed his fears about having kids too soon, and Cortés’s reluctance to get on birth control. But even this wasn’t really a fight, with the couple agreeing they just needed to keep talking about it to work it out.

When viewers saw the episode, though, they had a lot of thoughts. Like, condoms exist? And it shouldn’t all be on her, right?

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McIntyre responded to the backlash in an interview with Us Weekly, admitting he needs to read up on his contraceptives.

“We wanted to make sure we’re on the same page,” he told the magazine. “Me really not knowing a lot about birth control, contraceptives, things of that nature made it difficult to really have a good conversation right away because I was uninformed.”

Cortés also defended McIntyre in a post on her Instagram stories, saying that her fiancé had a
“fear of an unplanned pregnancy that is rooted in his upbringing, which is more his story.”

“He never pressured me into taking birth control in that scene or off camera, he simply expressed how he thought women did it and even admitted that he had never thought much of it,” she wrote. “We live in a country where sex education is not the best, sadly. His willingness to learn and explore more options without any pressure was something I respected and appreciated as a woman.”

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