LYS Beauty may still technically be a newcomer in cosmetics—the brand launched in February 2021—but it’s already such a cult-favorite you would never know.

LYS, which stands for “Love Yourself,” produces a range of makeup must-haves that are beloved by professional makeup artists and TikTokers alike. In fact, the online platform likely has much to do with the brand’s success: Several of its products have gone viral on the app.

While LYS Beauty garnered most of its fanbase online, it is far from just another buzzy beauty brand. Founded by Tisha Thompson, an Atlanta native and beauty-marketing veteran—and makeup artist—LYS Beauty is breaking industry barriers as Sephora’s first-ever Black-owned clean beauty brand.

What more, LYS Beauty’s continued success stems from a wide shade range that caters to darker skin tones. TikTok beauty reviewer Golloria, whose content is largely dedicated to discourse around shade inclusivity, pointed this out in a rave review of the No Limits Cream Bronzer and Contour Stick.

“When we talk about inclusivity, this is what we mean!” Golloria said after trying the contour stick, which is also a favorite of influencers Meredith Duxbury and Mikayla Noguiera.

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LYS Beauty’s contour stick is so beloved that it inspired LYS Beauty’s latest launch: the Higher Standards Glow Blush Stick. A hybrid of the brand’s MVPs, it combines the convenience of the contour stick with the luminosity of the liquid highlighter and the pigmented cream blush in one product.

I was obviously eager to try this overachiever when I received the new blush in a press mailer. And I’m so sorry to all of our wallets…but it’s already worth the hype. In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is the best blush I’ve ever tried.

LYS Beauty Higher Standard Cream Glow Blush Stick

For one, LYS Beauty’s signature triangle shape allows for smooth application, seamless blending, and easy maneuvering around the face, nose, and cheeks.

Like the Satin Matte Cream Blush, the Glow Blush Stick is available in several wearable shades that are ideal for all skin types and tones: Bubbly, a soft pink; Elite, a mauve; Curvy, a perfect peach; Unfazed, a berry plum; Outgoing, a watermelon pink; Courageous, a poppy orange; and Focused, a cinnamon pink. (I personally opted for Curvy, a peachy coral.)

LYS Beauty Higher Standards Glow Blush Stick swatch in Curvy

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And wow, the color payoff is real. Very little goes a long way. Obviously, I’m rather pale, but if this can make me look alive and rosy-cheeked, you know it’s good.

Also important to note: I’ve been having a strange skin-sensitivity issue, but my acne-prone and irritated complexion has no problem whatsoever with the formula. While it leaves me with a radiant, luminous glow—it almost feels like highlighter and blush in one—it doesn’t clog my pores, break me out, emphasize my skin texture, or make me look oily or greasy.

LYS Beauty Higher Standards Glow Blush Stick review

Wearing LYS Beauty Higher Standards Glow Blush Stick in Curvy.

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