Always one to set trends rather than follow them, Jennifer Lopez took to Instagram last night to show off her twist on a new style. Getting ready ahead of the premiere of The Greatest Love Story Never Told, J.Lo looked resplendent in what we’re calling the “muted” mob-wife aesthetic.

Although Lopez’s version bore similarities to the original look—featuring plenty of leather, gold, and fur—her makeup was softer and more subtle than the signature smoky eyes and lashings of lip gloss we’ve seen come to life on TikTok. Not so much loud luxury as reserved richness.

Of course, this being J.Lo, golden, sparkling skin was a given (thanks to makeup artist Mary Phillips), while her lips sported the kind of fleshy neutral shade that the 54-year-old singer and actor is known for. On her cheeks, nothing too brash, just a faint dusting of coral blush to sculpt and define.

When it comes to hair, Jennifer Lopez frankly could have written the mob-wife manual, so perfect are her honeyed lengths. Eschewing anything too teased or retro, hairstylist Irinel de León added a subtle wave to the ends of her strands, so they just tumbled expensively around her chest.

This is one mob mentality we can definitely get behind.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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