Remember when, all of two weeks ago, we pointed you towards the platonic inside shoes? Well, to avoid pissing off a very jacked Jake Gyllenhaal, we’d like to clarify our position a bit. Birkenstock’s ultra-cushy slip-ons do, in fact, make for perfect homebound kicks—but that shouldn’t be the extent of their remit.

Over the last few years, the German footwear juggernaut has endeared itself to a growing cohort of stylish fellas, riding the wave of its newfound fashion pedigree to a staggering billion-dollar IPO. Which helps explain how the brand’s podiatrist-approved clogs became press junket-appropriate, at least according to laid-back Angelenos like Seth Rogen and Gyllenhaal himself.

Birkenstock 1774

Tokio VL Cazador Suede Clogs

Promoting the Road House remake in London last month, Maggie’s brother sported a slouchy, notch lapel topcoat and roomy pleated trousers in the same shade of earthy, gray-ish taupe. Standard enough movie star fare, to be sure, until you notice the mossy-green shoes anchoring the outfit. At first glance, they look like a verdant riff on the Boston, Birkenstock’s briskly-selling flagship model—but they’re actually the Tokio, a lesser-known silhouette from the brand’s upscale 1774 line. Hanging out below Gyllenhaal’s crisply-tucked white tee and iridescent button-up, the cork-bottomed slides look downright elegant, bringing a welcome touch of LA je ne sais quoi to the global capital of persnickety tailoring.

Like the Boston, the Tokio’s forgiving curved toe is stitched down to a grippy sole designed for all-day comfort, and comes in a range of hardy leathers and plush suedes. Unlike the Boston, though, it’s augmented by an adjustable ankle strap for a more secure fit, whether you’re chasing after the dog on an early-AM walk or step-and-repeating your way through the promotional circuit.

Birkenstock 1774

Tokio Slingback Suede Clogs

To be clear, Birks are still the best shoes to wear inside by a mile. But if you thought their arch-crading abilities were limited to the bed-to-bodega shuffle, let Jake Gyllenhaal make the case for their versatility this spring. Chances are, you already knew that they look killer with lazy Sunday sweats and rumpled chinos. But if Gyllenhaal can wear them with his red carpet best, you can wear ‘em with a breezy linen suit to your next cocktail hang. Trust us: No one’s going to argue with this guy.

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